About Us

a special italian story


La Gastronomia was born when we materialized our dream of living in the US and of opening a small take away specialty shop where we could cook all the recipes that our mothers taught us. Born and raised in the surroundings of Venice, North-East Italy, we learned from our families and from several restaurants experiences the typical recipes of our country, and our taste was refined by growing up surrounded by traditional italian specialties well known alla round the world for their superior quality.


These are the products that we personally select and import and that we use to cook our dishes and sell in our shop, along with suggestions for our customers on how to pair them in a way that magnifies each flavor.  How we ended up in Grass Valley? We were looking for a small town and when we found this place at the former Dorado Chocolate shop, it looked perfect: a small community in the foothills where there was nothing like what we wanted to create and where people appreciate small local businesses and organic farm fresh healthy food. That’s why we call our place a Slow Food Deli Market: we make everything in our kitchen, with our hands, from scratch, like our grandmothers used to do, and we use the best ingredients: fresh local organic produce, all natural  grass fed pasture raised local meats, traditional italian cheese with trademarks of protected origins, pure oils such as extravirgin olive, sunflower, coconut, and we carefully select all of our products to be hormones free, nothing added, all natural to guarantee a standard of quality.


That’s how La Gastronomia becomes not only a market but also a place where people can meet and talk about tastes and ways of cooking in a simple and healty manner. We aim at introducing these high quality products in a way that everyone can try and afford them, that’s why we don’t apply the standard price per serving, but we sell everything by weight , as in one Gastronomia in Italy, and we slice everything fresh at the moment as per our customers requests.