Good food takes time to prepare,
and wants time to be fully enjoyed !
have a great, tasty and long meal
with your loved ones

La Gastronomia moved!
Bigger location, lots of parking, seating NOW AVAILABLE !
Italian wood fired pizza oven !
The fastest and most authentic Italian Pizza in Grass Valley !

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    Italian Pizza
    SignaturePanini Sandwiches
    Daily Specials
    Meat and Cheese Trays
    Italian Antipasto
    NEW! Soup & Salad
    Daily Dessert (Tiramisù,Panna Cotta..)

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    All our sandwiches are MADE TO ORDER on your choice of:

    -Homemade Soft Olive Oil & Rosemary Focaccia
    -ACME Ciabatta Crunchy Outside and Soft Inside
    -ACME Sourdough Baguette Crusty and Thinner
    -ESSENTIAL BAKING Gluten Free Deli Slice White Bread

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    Made From Scratch

    We love to call our food “fresh” because we make it from scratch by hand everyday. We make our jams and spreads, our sauces, our pasta. We use only fresh ingredients never frozen and we make small batches again and again. The meat we use in our sauces or dishes is never frozen and when possible organic or grass fed. We select carefully all our slicing meat and cheese to be MSG Free, coming from animals that lived in pastures and were grass fed only and cage free. We believe in the quality of tradition and hand making like our grandmothers did. This allows us to not use any preservative in our food. As good as you cook it!

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    Little Italian Market
    Traditional Cookies and Biscotti